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Artist: Real Live
Song Title: Real Live Shit Remix
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f/ Cappadonna, Ghostface, Killa Sin, Lord Tariq

[Ghostface Killah]

God body represent this shit without a shotty

That's my word, youknowhatI'msayin

Verbal intercourse, youknowI'msayin



Hot rock slang, reversable talk

Sound check, architect, mega talks yo

Alphabet kings politic quick

We on some real live thug shit

[Ghostface Killah]

Yo, yo, break down's the law, cats walk away holdin they jaws

Wishin they had drawers, tossed posters plus sneaky stores

Balls be gettin licked kid on whatever airline

Restroom style courtesy from stewardess, the bitch washed mine

Sell box nine never been popped, now his bill's shocked

It's real it be hittin me things def made the store hot

Jewels link, niggas beam, whole team labelled wally king

Goldie poured a beer, Johnny's man dot him with the green

World's greatest, Las Vegas played us, rap crusadest

Casino champs, Gods sport the latest

Today's math, fuck nuthin but ass, take Cristal baths

Go half on his robbery, you wind up on Johnny Cash

Kid's invicible, back to back screws, Wu's suspenseful

You get lynched, start to play it cool

Like a man, like a night out, whitey's callin me like a double date

Alkies get his shank so it's wine inside Hostess cakes

Yo my man, check the marble or get deaded

You bust a big shot and the big bullet was unleaded

Word up, yeah, bounty killer

[Lord Tariq]

Yo I'm elected by a landslide, well known, heaven sent element

That shit you talk's irrelevant, got power like the president

My dialogue's benevolent, no question I'm connected got a

Gift for stick-up and late night coke pick ups

Money talk gets my dick up, especially drug related

Money boss contemplated, Bronx blocks complicated

New York by us so don't try us

Mad corrupted minds for mad corrupted times

Thank God I had rhymes

I be the rapper who be hustlin the black entrepreneur

Openin doors for the poor though it's against the law

Livin the climate for a killin smack the law and fuck your order

Some others watch your daughters, it's a slaughter

In the world of scramblers and gamblers, dicks and dykes

Long cars and caviar, you know the project star

I give a penny for your thoughts, hey a nickle for touch

So stop beatin round the bush and give it to me

The way you look is goin through me

Sue me, takin everything I got and

Plottin animosity for my property

Got me and lock me away from the world

I'm wonderin who's puttin use to my money and my girl


Chorus (2x)

[Killa Sin]

Check it, yo

Thoughts collaborate with gun talk, shatter weak force

My strategy's stalk for casualities walk

They tragically caught a cavity in they anatomy

Assault and battery for havin me

Believin that they bad, in actuality they cavalry's butter soft

Niggas runnin off with the gun and talk

Loose lips, slip the fucker two clips to shut him off (blaow)

So sweet dreams to your weak team, I heat fiend's ass to rest

See who pass the test and guns that blast the best

You never win against Killa Sin, you're similar to Gilligan

We're feelin his ass, not worth the mentionin

Like snatchin pocketbooks and claimin bodies that you didn't catch

Aimin empty glocks at niggas' necks without intent to wet

You just a wannabe, gonna be dead nigga

In front of me with no abundancy amongst your currency

Flat broke, sellin lady powder maybe even flour

Last thing I heard a fiend that flips over a baby shower


Yo I remember gettin ganked, staggerin on the plank

Dwellin on the edge, full fledged, grabbin for bank

Auto pounds touchin clowns, DT's clock rounds

For slick was in the SL, forty shells hit the ground

55 on the Belt, fifty grand in my belt

Then I swerve to New Jers, that's where Iceberg melt

It was a ruthless type of homicide, this is the drama side

Porcelin nine milli slugs tear up your insides

Venomous vocabulary, mad niggas heard it

Got annointed like the Juice, two minutes before the verdict

Who make a claim, who movin caine on trains

Slick lines is open, out of state kids give me the lane

Def flip the track, cut the rhyme like quanines

Stampin undertaker and the slums is mine nigga


Chorus (2x)


Real Live up in this piece, the remix

Word up, Wu-Gambino representin

Tony Starks, yeah yeah

Cappadon doin his thing

Killa Sin, hit em, hit em kid

Yeah, Lord Tariq, get nice dude

Uh, K-Def, knowImean, keep questin em dunn

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