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Artist: Sacred Rite
Song Title: I Will Survive
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Evil-eyed woman, you're doing it again

The way you look and the way you feel could capture any man

Make your magic potion, baby, fill it to the brim

Like a fool for your emptiness, I'll fall for you again

It's not the first time that I've felt this way for you

So many times, I've been hurt before, I can't help feeling used

But I will survive

I'll come out alive

I've learned a lot since the last time, baby

Can't take no more lies

You can push, but you can't take my life

I'll get out like the other times

I will survive

Evil-eyed woman, I know what's on your mind

It's easy to see what you want from me, you'll probably get it if you try

There's a fire burnin' deep within your eyes

You're just usin' me to entertain, and to keep you satisfied

Will it ever matter that you're killin' me inside?

Will you ever realise that my heart is gonna die?

All I wanted

was to love you

All I needed

was to hold you

Evil-eyed woman, If you want me for a while, you've gotta change all your evil ways,

you've gotta tell me with a smile

But I think I know you better than to expect a change in you

Maybe you'll fake it for a little while, but you'll end up being cruel

I know you'll leave me, it's just a matter of time

I was a fool to ever think you'd stay and to think that you were m

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