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Artist: Sacrifice
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Song Title: Turn in Your Grave
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Is it reality when I say there is no future
Left for the young? Oblivion has just begun,
Can this be real? You've left wounds that cannot heal
Problems to solve with with no way to resolve

The truth of life to come cannot be concealed
A wicked world takes hold, the end begins
The civilization corrodes, drowning in sin

Blinded by the cause, can't see tomorrows flaws
This way of life just does not seem right
A captive in my mind, someday we will find
That not all is truth of life, they will steal the youth

The truth of life to come cannot be concealed
A wicked world takes hold, the end begins
The civilization corrodes, drowning in sin

No I will not follow
The truth has changed me
The well of life is running dry
No lies
Not far away we will find
Ambivalence tearing our minds
I see right through their liesDespised
We play the fools, the retarded make the rules
Can this be truth? We slip into their noose
The poison they feed is something many need
To carry on as thid new day dawns

The truth of life to come, it must be revealed
A wicked world takes hold, the end begins
We watch our lives corrode, drowning in sin

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