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Artist: Sahlene
Song Title: No Ordinary Girl
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I can't believe we've come to this
No one cares to tell
Right from wrong
Cause it feels like we're
On a fast train run
Speeding far away from home
Some things should be paid to see
But it doesn't make much sense at all
Cause no matter how we twist it
How we turn it around
We're still wondering
What's going on

Oh ain't life just crazy
Everyone keeps saying
Nothing's Wrong


I'm no ordinary girl
Caught up in the middle
Of the class crowd
Cause I don't know how
To behave and be good
I'm just a little out of line
Trying to make a long in
A cynical world
But I don't know how
To pretend I'm an ordinary girl

We're strangers when we look inside
No one dares to tell you how they feel
God I wish that we cold find
A way to put trust back into the world

Oh ain't life just crazy
Everyone keeps saying
Nothing's wrong


I'm starting at the subway sorrows
Imagining how it could be
No we can't even look at each other
And feel a little harmony


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