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Artist: Salad
Song Title: Party
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Party, take her to the party
Give the girl some smarties
She's the lucky one now
Banging banging party
Footprints on the carpet
The people look enticing
The pillows look inviting
Pull up her pyjamas
Her pyjamas

Forgetting her own simon
Talking to the doorman
Wants to take him surfing
She thinks he is Keanu
She gets what she deserves
He's a lucky fella
Toes are touching tiles now
Touching in the bathroom
In the bathroom

At the party

I guess you're wondering
Why I asked you here today
Party, she gets through her candy
Brings her girlfriend mandy
Hope she loosens up now
Before the midnight hour
Get him in the shower
Wants to be deflowered
She likes watching parties

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