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Artist: Sam Roberts
Song Title: Hard Road
Genre: Pop
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Feel, feel it grow
In your mind
In your mind

Life is how you live it
Through time
Through time

And there's no desert sun
That is hot enough to feed your fire
We shipwreck like fools
Only to become the ocean's choir

And the sun dies until it's reborn
But there's no road that ain't a hard road to travel on

Got lost on the way but you found the road again
Stay true to your friends cause theyll save you in the end

There must be something in the air, in the air
Some kind of answer to my prayers, to my prayers
Some kind of answer to my prayers

Ive been dying since the day I was born
Cause theres no road that aint a hard road to travel on

I have a vision in my mind
Of a life that Ive left behind
And cant you see that lost souls cant swim
You know youll sink but you still jump in
And its alright to get caught
Stealing back what youve lost
Yeah dont you know that lost souls cant swim
You beat them back or they drag you in

And I cant say that I am sorry for all my medicines

You try to find a love thatll see you through your darkest days
And her soft brown hair is as long as the Canadian highway
When the sun dies until its reborn
But theres no road that aint a hard road to travel on

Been dying since the day I was born
Cause theres no road that aint a hard road to travel on

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