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Artist: Samantha Cole
Song Title: Down In Love
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Written by Russ Desalvo, Samantha Cole, James Greco.

Everytime I look in your eyes I see why
You're everything to me
Every time I hold you I feel the rhythm
As you touch me tenderly
No other lover could make me so high
Or gonna move me the way that you do
And I'm so into you

I'm down in love with you baby
Make me feel so fine
I'm down in love with you
I can't get you off my mind

Every time I'm with you I lose contorol
And there's nothin' I can do
Every time you kiss me I feel so weak
And my body aches for you
You satisfy me like nobody else
I love what you're doin' to me
And I'm so into you

I'm down in love with you baby
Make me feel so fine
I'm down in love with you baby
Need you all the time
I'm down in love with you
I can't get you off my mind
A good love is hard to find

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