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Artist: Sammy Hagar
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Song Title: Hot And Dirty
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I was lookin' at ya, from across the room

And there's nothing deeper than tonight

Well all I wanted, was to dust my groove

and she was lookin' like she might

Oh, the woman has a certain smile,

a special look, some kind of tension

Yeah, I just know it all the while

Everyone knows my intention



She's hot, and she's dirty

Little did I know, what I was bitin' off

I thought I would pull a hit & run

Just about the time I was gettin' off

She said the fun has just begun


Yes, I thought I knew my way around

I always like a few surprises

Yes, but when she felt me going down, down down

Well you talk about surprises



She's hot, she's dirty

That woman was hot, (yeah) she's dirty

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

{guitar solo

Oh, nothin' has a certain smile

That special look, some kind of tension

Yeah, like she's known it all the while

Every one of my dimensions




She's hot, she's dirty

That woman that woman

She's hot, she's dirty

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

{guitar solo

She's hot, (good or bad) she's dirty

I can see it in your eyes, baby

She's hot, Whoo! she's dirty

Yeah, that womans so hot


She's dirty

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