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Artist: Sarah Bettens
Sarah Bettens Author
Album: Scream (0)
Sarah Bettens - Scream Album
Song Title: Grey
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This is what I've learned so far
Everything is grey
Few things are forever
and it hurts when good things fade
you can't be my everything
And I am not half you
but you can make it all worth while
and that's why I love you...

When you look at me, am I incomplete
am I missing something everybody else can clearly see
when you look at me...

I have tasted happiness
The innocence of joy
do we pay a price for every moment we enjoy
I could make you promises
But even I can't say if everything I feel for you
will never go away

When you look at me, am I incomplete
am I missing something everybody else can clearly see
when you look at me...

Will you be my everything, maybe just this time
we can really thing that I am yours
and you are mine
I am yours and you are mine...

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