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Artist: Sarah Slean
Song Title: Bonnies Song
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Innocent Sunday morning
As plain as the Sunday before
I thought as she told me her story
I don't think I can hear these anymore

Charting a map of land mines
Asleep in the settling dust
How come we never remember
How many times you picked yourself up

Hey that's the way to go
We need to know pain to grow
But you're right it's a long way home
By the light of eve
Broken and bold

I am reminded of Bonnie
When the day breaks into dark.
I think there's nothing more beautiful
Than a face that has come so far.

Hey that's the way to go
We need to know pain to grow
But you're right it's a long way home
You're the light of eve broken
You're the bravest girl in the whole wide world
Light of eve
Broken and bold

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