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Artist: Savatage
Savatage Author
Album: Poets and Madman (2001)
Savatage - Poets and Madman Album
Song Title: Commissar
Genre: Rock
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Do you see commissar

The night is darker

Do you think commissar

Their dreams are starker

Do you hear commissar

The night is breathing

Could it be commissar

We should be leaving

Now before the curtain

Does comes crashing down

Do you hear commissar

The night is silent

Do you think commissar

It is defiance

Do you see commissar

The mob has faces

Could it be commissar

The dark embraces

All as darkness will

And in that dark we'll drown

Cities, towns

We've torn them down

And all we've found

Are relics in a cemetery

But never fear

I will stay near

And to the dark

I will be your emissary

Knights on horseback

Bishops pacing

All are losing ground

The pawn is now a queen

He's moved across the board unseen

The move is down

I believe

That we've intrigued for far too long

But now I think the plot has ended

A quick retreat

Into the street

Admit defeat

And hope our moves will be defended

Across their throats

The blade does wander

They die without a sound

Who'd have thought we'd meet

As bones beneath the dragons feet

The wall is down

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