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Artist: Saviour Machine
Saviour Machine Author
Album: Saviour Machine I (1993)
Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine I Album
Song Title: Killer
Genre: Rock
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Killer, killer

Killer lives in silent dreams

Of genocide philosophy rebirth

Killer, killer

Killer lies in frightened eyes

Obsessed with words that terrorize the earth

Killer hides inside of the dead

Killer walks in fear of his own

Killer judges all that is said

Killer doesn't see what is shown

Killer is dying within

Killer is taking the soul from the man

Killer is stalking again

Killer is breaking the heart of his plan

Pray for the killer

Pray for his son

Pray for the killer

Pray for his day to be done

Killer's face is ominous

Killer's heart is black

Killer's mind is on the loose

Killer will attack

Killer can't communicate

Killer can't investigate

Killer will interrogate

Killer will annihilate

Killers run like insects to destroy the battle cry

Killers use their influence to animate the sky

Killer's high anxiety becomes obsessed with therapy

Killer's insecurity paints the wall with purity

Killers aren't diverted from their mission to destroy

Assigned to the demoralized

The course of dreamers hypnotized

Killer's promiscuity infects his false security

When forced to use his intellect

To trace the path of righteousness

Killers build their ladders to the sky

To stand in judgment over high

Across the galaxy of fear

That brings the criminal to tears

Stare into the killer's eyes

Stare into the killer's eyes

Stare into his eyes

Stare beyond his lies

Is it time for the end

For the wounds to be mend

And the servant to bleed from within

Is there truth in his words

Proof of return

Has the killer surrendered to sin

Has the killer betrayed

Has the killer enslaved

Has he stolen the eyes from his son

In the wake of the trial

In the hands of denial

Lies the killer and all that is one

Pray for the killer

Pray for this son

Pray for the killer

Pray for his day to be done

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