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Artist: Saviour Machine
Saviour Machine Author
Album: Legend Part - Iii-I (2001)
Saviour Machine - Legend Part - Iii-I Album
Song Title: Twelve-Hundred-Sixty Days
Genre: Rock
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The dragon enraged; time is engaged

The woman in place; time is erased

Until a time, and times, and the dividing of time...

The stones cry out of the wall.

Separation, desolation, tribulation, revelation...

The final walk with death

The violent heart of destiny

The covenant has wept

Rest in peace, rest in peace...

The deafening silence is sealed in the grave

Twelve-hundred-sixty days...

The suffering children's transgression remains

Twelve-hundred-sixty days...

The treacherous waters have vomited rage

Twelve-hundred-sixty days...

The woman anointed; She flies to her place Twelve-hundred-sixty days...

Into the wilderness; into it's face

Fly from the desolate; fallen from grace...

Weather the storm; clothed with the sun

Weather the storm; the flood still comes...

The flood still comes...

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