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Artist: Saw Doctors
Song Title: N17
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Well I didn't see much future
When I left the Christian brothers school
So I waved it goodbye with a wistful smile
And I left the girls of Tuam
And sometimes when I'm reminiscing
I see the prefabs and my old friends
And I know that they'll be changed or gone
By the time I get home again

And I wish I was on that N 17
(Stone walls and the grasses green)
Yes I wish I was on that N 17
(Stone walls and the grasses green)
Travelling with just my thoughts and dreams

Well the ould fella left me to Shannon
Was the last time I travelled that road
and as I turned left at Claregalway
I could feel a lump in my throat
As I pictured the thousands of times
That I travelled that well worn track
And I know that things would be different
If I ever decide to go back


Now as I tumble down highways
Or filthy overcrowded trains
There's no one to talk to in transit
So I sit there and daydream in vain
And behind all these muddled up problems
Of living on a foreign soil
I can still see the twists and turns on the road
From the square to the town of the tribes

Chorus X2

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