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Artist: Scanner
Scanner Author
Album: Terminal Earth (1990)
Scanner - Terminal Earth Album
Song Title: Lady
Genre: Metal
Visits: 377
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Went to a gay-club

Sent by a friend of mine

He knew a little lady

Waitin' for me inside

I said, ";Man, don't be kiddin'!";

I don't want to change my style

Could not believe my eyes when

I saw who I have found

Lady, tell me what to do

What can I do

Lady, I need a doctor

To help me to cure

My longin' for you

See you later

That's what she said to me

I could not believe that she gave me her key

See you later

The only fact I know

I can't let her go

See you later

Like a cat in a lonesome alley

Like a wolf in a midnight town

I've been struck down by confusion

Straight here in my heart

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