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Artist: Scanner
Scanner Author
Album: Mental Reservation (1996)
Scanner - Mental Reservation Album
Song Title: Out Of Nowhere
Genre: Metal
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Hundreds of thoughts were storming my

brain. The night head already spread out it's

cloth above the landscape. The willage of

Clinton Island with it's appreximately 200

inhabitance lays peacarful in the valley. Not

giving a hint to the terrible past of it's

inhabitance. Still I had not found a wife. And

once again I was captured by thoughts from

the hidden past right...


Here I am at a standstill

No move I'm biding time

Desultoriness in my proceedings

Cought by her spell I'm coming

Out of Nowhere

May wounds be sutured without scars?

Out of Nowhere

Hatred to nurture?! So damned you are!

Still we live in the world

We're judged by the colour of skin

Plated with silver and gold

The radical changes in fits of spleen

And now more and more fed

With depressions backed

We're crying but nobody hears

Coming out!

Now I see I'm blind!

Out of Nowhere

Isn't the future termed by stars?

Out of Nowhere

Hatred to nuture?! So damned we are!!!


I remember... once I believed in God

But he left me in the lurch

Now I return, I build my own kingdom

I'll make your desires burn

And all the nightmares come true

Sweet lullabies

Darling, I've been held in your arms

Hear the truth, the freedom's bell

See this lie through the eyes of my hell

Here I am at a standstill, no move

Can't you see I'm crying out

There's no sun in the shadow of unrequited love

Caught by it's spell I'm raving mad

Keep the silence, I'll make it burn!

Out of Nowhere

May wounds be sutured without scars?

Out of Nowhere

Hatred to nurture?! So damned you are!

Out of Nowhere

Isn't the future termed by stars?

Out of Nowhere

Hatred to nurture?! So damned we are!

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