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Artist: Scanner
Scanner Author
Album: Terminal Earth (1990)
Scanner - Terminal Earth Album
Song Title: The Challenge
Genre: Metal
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They live in countries

With different names

Their works done by mysterious machines

Burn their resources

Exploit mother earth

the next generation will bleed

Strange is this world

Strange are these folks

So many languages

Expressin' the same

Spirits that borders can't change

Gigantic walls of ignorance

They built to keep areas clean

Strange world

Strange folks

One more challenge for mankind

A challenge to fight

A challenge to live

To build and create a new world

One more challenge for mankind

A challenge to trust

In their strength to survive

As long as there's choice to decide

Different uniforms

Different regimes

Colors for honor and pride

Blood is the color

That all people bleed

If some of their leaders decide

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