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Artist: Talib Kweli
Talib Kweli Author
Album: Quality (2002)
Talib Kweli - Quality Album
Song Title: Waitin For The DJ
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Waitin' for the DJ to, let your body rock (It's your boy Kweli, BK MC)
So I can show you just what I got (Memph Blow in the house)
Waitin' for the DJ to, let your body rock
So I can show you just what I got

Music is the air I breathe
The prayer I leave
Rippin' in the atmosphere
Up there in the breeze
Stronger then the revolution
That you wear on your sleeve
Its all I know
Not an idea you believe
I spit bars you can't touch
Like tips in strip bars
Get charged, man I drop hits that hit hard
Hit bars with my brown shook cuz this starred
the night just start, I'm waitin' ....

Waitin' for the DJ to, let your body rock

We all hop in the car deep
We bring Brooklyn to the city
My fellas lookin' sharp my ladies lookin' pretty
When the DJ let the needle drop
The beat'll rock, the beat'll start
Boppin' and my people got it poppin' like needle marks
3 o'clock and it's mass hysteria
I'm about to hit the cafeteria
I'm Waitin' ...

Waitin' for the DJ to, let your body rock (Put it down for y'all)
So I can show you just what I got
Waitin' for the DJ to, let your body rock (Put it down for y'all)
So I can show you just what I got

I read the lines and all the between
In my mind I'm rewindin' the scene
The club ain't the place to be findin' a queen
You all in my dream girl
Though I can't sleep on you no
You was a star tonight
It like shown through
Vampires takin' a bite
I'm in the zone too
I always end up takin' the flight
Makin' a right for the fam
So tight in the jam-

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