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Artist: Talk Show
Song Title: John
Genre: Rock
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(E. Kretz D. Coutts)

I sit at home 'cause I'm able
I sing out loud but complain in the same old way
I shake the tree of a fable
She sells me lies but she sings on anyway

I live alone at the stable
Betting twice 'cause the numbers say I'm wrong
I've rolled the tree 'cause I'm able
I've burned the mountain to prove that they all were wrong

What's in a story ?
What's in a name?

Who makes you hurry ?
What cuts the frame?

John where have you gone ?
We've waited so long
where have you gone?
Has something gone wrong ?
We've waited so long
Where have you gone?

I sit alone 'cause I'm able
I live out life but complain in the same old way
I shake the tree that was stable
She sells me lies but she sings on anyway

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