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Artist: Tanto Metro
Song Title: Gal Sey Woooee
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Gal sey woooee
From you sure sey you man naah stall
When him mek yuh skin crawl
Sey woooee
'Cause you know sey you hot and have it all
Fi you body man a bawl

Verse 1:
How much more you go ago bun di place ya, Nuff
A weh you got fi start the chase ya, Buff
Wah kind a man you naah go par wid, Cruff
'Cause fi you man have up the big, Stuff
And only him alone know 'bout yuh life story
So no man can talk sey yuh whorey
Only Corey sample you glory
When him took on a trip to Missouri

Verse 2:
From yuh man buss the place them sey him a the bomb
When gal a look him and them sey him a sey one
But the way how you smart gal you caan get con
'Cause you mamma always tell you sey you have ambition
She always a warn you about them abuser
Fi mek sure you no carry home no loser
Stay far from them drug user
And at the same time model inna you Cruiser

Verse 3:
'Cause if a pressure you fi pressure
Then well pressure them this year
Maintain the hype and act like you don't care
You man well string out inna the latest gear
So them can chat all them want, 'cause gal you don't care

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