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Artist: Tartaros
Tartaros Author
Album: Red Jewel (0)
Tartaros - Red Jewel Album
Song Title: The Red Jewel
Genre: Metal
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Fading suddenly in!!! An ultimate red light...

The strong red jewel, it was formed that night...

Covered with 5 bright silver shields with pendants

It was hanging in the air in front of me...

Those untouched sacred pendants

They all start to ring...ring...ring...

So grand! So powerful!

Filling the air with its dead and lost grace

Like a mystical adventure where old courtesy

Paints my face...

No illusion...but a refraction of the reality

When suddenly I meat that face

Like a shadow of an invisible tower

It consecrates! IT CONSECRATES!

A thing with an untouchable glow from the divine

Which is constant with the character of my mind?

For my heart cries as that living spectral

Who knows the dreads and pride I have created

The jewel gave my birth

As the 555 on this earth...

I had seen my kernel of blood in the air

The spectral and jewel...MY OWN SPHERE...!

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