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Artist: Technicolour
Song Title: Staring
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I must do this on my own and you know i hate being alone
Builting walls tearing 'em down what do you see when you look around
The monument of dignity sold its story to the movie company
The law took its share and soon the wolves will be heating there

Staring the end in the eyes and waving a white flag at the blind
Staring the end in the eyes and waving a white flag at the blind

Open the door in comes a wind so cold, it'll choke you
You're left on your knees coughing blood on the floor
Next thing you know, you're running, for their lives not your own
You're heading for the gates, for the gates that soon will close
And all that's left is the sound of peace retreating throught the crowd

Staring the end in the eyes and waving a white flag at the blind
Staring the end in the eyes and waving a white flag at the blind

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