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Artist: Technohead
Song Title: Sleepflower
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I wanna sleep, sleepflower I wanna sleep under a tree

I wanna sleep, sleepflower, I want the sun to shine on me

They say "It's good for you to be out once in a while

When you're outside everyone sees your smile"

I'm from round here, this is where I should be

Sleepflower with me

I wanna sleep, sleepflower, I wanna return to the trees

I wanna sleep, sleepflower, I don't wanna stay in the city

I wanna sleep, sleepflower, I wanna stay where it's good for me

And when I die, sleepflower, will you die, sleepflower with me?

I wanna sleep, sleepflower, when the sun shines down on me

I wanna sleep, sleepflower, I wanna sleep beneath the trees.

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