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Artist: Ted Leo amp The Pharmacists
Song Title: Better Dead Than Lead
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I had a golden ring, and I kept it with golden things

In the Bank of a Million Dreams that was bursting at all the seams

I had a gold ring.It was such an important thing

That I kept it beneath my bed, and I carried it in my head

I had a golden dream, and the way it down came to me

Was through Captains of Alchemy, who came up from a steely sea

And I dreamed through the rainy night, and I managed to sleep alright

And my body became so light, that I managed to give it flight

Because I know gold is just a trick of light

And lead is light as a feather

So, leave me where the kids are alright

And we will all go down together

I had a golden dream, and they took it away from me

And they pulled it out of my head, and they showed me that it was lead

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