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Artist: Temptations
Song Title: Wish It Would Rain
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Sunshine, blue skies, please go away...
my girl found another...and gone away.
With her went my future, my life is filled with gloom,
so day after day, I stay locked up in my room.
I know to you, it might sound strange...but I wish it would rain.

'Cause so badly, I wanna go outside(such a lovely day)
but everyone knows that a man aint supposed to cry...listen
I gotta cry, 'cause cryin' ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
Eases the pain aawww yeah.

People this hurt I feel inside, words could never explain,
I just wish it would rain.

Day in day out, my tear stained face, pressed against the window pane.
My eyes search the skies, desperately for rain...
'cause raindrops will hide my teardrops,
and no one would ever know...
that I'm cryin', cryin' when I go outside.

To the world outside my tears, I refuse to explain lord I wish it would

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