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Artist: Tenacious D
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Song Title: Jesus
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More tomatoes?
I do believe so, yes.
Ohh, life on the road Kayg
Life on the road
Hey guys I got that wiper fluid for ya
It was a big day on Jesus ranch, Jesus ranch
He was harvesting a big tomato
It was in the sand all right
I'm taking a walk in the woods and it's nice outside
Smells of shit
Lig a guing gligga gigga googa gwey oh go
I come upon a silver striped mushroom
And I falalalaly ly ly
and I fly fly
It was a big day on Jesus ranch, Jesus ranch, Jesus
I fell in love with a baked potato
Thats when I started to dance yeah in France
I'm taking a walk in the woods fuck yeah
It's nice, very, very nice
Smells of shit
Lig a guing gligga gigga googa gwey oh go
I come upon a silver striped mushroom
And I falalalaly ly ly
And I fly fly
Falalalaly ly ly
And I fly
I goooooooo

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