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Artist: Tesla
Tesla Author
Album: Into The Now (2004)
Tesla - Into The Now Album
Song Title: Recognize
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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Wonderful lady

Such a beautiful baby

Gonna teach him what's wrong and what's right

Gonna show him direction

With love and affection

Gonna make his connection in life

But now things didn't go the way she thought they would

He think's God is the devil and evil is good

He probably wouldn't change it even if he could at all


All you know is what you feel

You got to read between the lines

What is not and what is real

You got to learn how to recognize

What you're holdin' in your hands

What you see before your eyes

If you're gonna understand

You got to learn how to recognize

Heart is in danger

Well, love is a stranger

When the fear turns the anger to rage

It's not makin' any sense

'Cause you don't know the difference

Wouldn't know it if it slapped you in the face

Now it's all mixed up

It's all a big mistake

He don't know the difference between love and hate

He probably wouldn't change it even if he could at all


Why should I understand

When I could not comprehend what you say

Just shove it in my face

But if I cannot be made

I'm gonna understand

But now things didn't go the way she thought they would

He think's God is the devil and evil is good

He probably wouldn't change it even if he could at all



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