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Artist: U D O
U D O Author
Album: Animal House (1988)
U D O - Animal House Album
Song Title: Run for Cover
Genre: Metal
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See the man in white

Hes old he wouldnt dare to fight, to fight another

Rockin like a beast upon on a never ending dream

We love each other

Asking for a sign - the actions coming from behind

Lets run for cover

Feel the musics beat, we fight for rock

And in the heat we stand together

Were holding back for you when you fight

And we stand for one another

Were holding back for you, when you run for cover

And see those open eyes

When you are standing here tonight

Thats why - were holding back for you, when you run for cover

Restless in the night, we all stand up for this delight

We fight together

Were holding back for you when you fight

And we stand for one another

Were holding back for you, when you run for cover

Were holding back for you..........

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