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Artist: UGK
UGK Author
Album: Dirty Money (2001)
UGK - Dirty Money Album
Song Title: Let Me See It
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Pimp C
Let me see it, hold up...hol' up
Let me see it, uh...hol' up...let me see it
Let me see it...(repeat)
Bend over lemme see it,
Let me see it...(repeat)
Bend over lemme see it...

Bun B:
Now, from the city that I live in
To the city where I'm from,
For all the hoes that we done did,
And the hoes that we ain't done,
From the ones that fuck for shrimp,
To the ones that fuck for cum:
If you ain't fittin' ta fuck Pimp,
Then you ain't fittin' ta fuck Bun.
Got some hoes from the 'hood ('hood)
That live to keep it live (live),
And some office buildin' boppers (boppers),
Workin' 9 to 5 (five).
Ball playa baby mama bitches;
But to me it ain't no thang
Let that monkey hang, baby,
Let me see it...

Chorus: (Pimp C) (x4)
Let me see it, let me see it,
Let me see it, let me see it,
Let me see it, let me see it,
Bend over, let me see it...

Bun B:
Go'on and let a nigga peak (peak),
And let a nigga poke (poke),
Fuck a nigga from his street (street),
And let a nigga stroke (stroke).
See, I know that you a freak (freak)
From passin' to my folk (folk),
Let me bust it in yo' cheek (cheek),
'Til you muthafuckin' choke (choke).
It's nothin' but a G thang, baby, when you suck it
Steady frontin' in yo' G-strang,
Go'on lemme fuck it.
See, we know that you a pro (pro),
From shakin' and tuckin'
We some grown muthafuckas,
Like ta get naked, buck it.
From the back (back), to the front (front),
And to the side (side),
In the 'Lac ('Lac), wit' a blunt (blunt),
Now, where the light (light)?
It's a fact (fact): I've seen it,
Lemme get in between it,
Now, over bend, once again,
Bitches, show it like ya mean it...

Chorus: (x2)

Pimp C:
Uh...take it off, bitch
Bend over, lemme see it
I'm Sweet James Jones,
And a trick: I couldn't be it.
Got a young brown stallion
And she 20 years old,
When she pop it from the back,
You see that hairy asshole.
From the A-T-L hoes, to the H-town strippers,
To the boppers in DeVille,
That's suckin' us and pullin' zippers.
Now, it how it make ya feel when you see a pimp shine?
Bitch, you wastin' too much time...
Git back up on yo' grind (grind, grind...)

Chorus: (x4)

Pimp C:
I'm a country-ass nigga;
I fucked wit' yo' wife...
If yo' bitch come around,
We put some dick in her life.
'Cause them niggas ain't real
Must'a started smokin' rocks,
It all fell down,
'Cause they was bitin' too much Pac.
But what goes up, must come down...
While these bitches suckin' dick,
And droppin' to the ground...
Every city, every town:
I'm ballin' in the mix.
I'm servin' niggas bricks,
Keep a bad yellow bitch
On my team...sippin' lean
Ain't no thang of the past;
The '84 Beritz with the slant-back ass.
Keepin' me a pro, next to my fo',
Instead of stackin' cheese,
He steady screamin' to that ho...
Let me see it.

Pimp C:
Fuck-ass nigga...
Ol' fuck-ass nigga, git yo' mind on yo' money.
Hol' up...hol' up (uh)...UGK, bitch
Uh (uh)...representin' that South...that South
And this ain't no muthafuckin'...hip hop records (fuck ass nigga);
These country rap tunes.
Hol' up...uh
So, you could separate us from the rest...
Like I tol' you the last time.

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