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Artist: Ugly Duckling
Ugly Duckling Author
Album: The Best Of Ugly Duckling (2006)
Ugly Duckling - The Best Of Ugly Duckling Album
Song Title: Meatshake
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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"I've been havin MeatShake for forty years"

"I love MeatShake!"

"Meat and shake, that's all I need, m-hm"

"I have MeatShake every day at school"

"Look, when I'm hungry I need some meat
I don't need none of that rabbit food they're servin over at Veggie Hut"

"Meat to the Shizzake"

"Bro, I down lots of MeatShakes, man"

"I'd love to taste the secret"

"Lunch break, only got a half an hour
Gotta get something in my system, I go to MeatShake"

"Eat at MeatShake!"

"Taste the secret at MeatShaaaaake, hey"

"MeatShakes are so soft, I can eat em without my dentures"

Well hi, welcome to MeatShake where you can 'taste the secret'
And when I tell you what it is, you won't believe it
There's something special in our food you'll taste when you start eating it
Everything we serve has meat in it

But don't you serve french fries and a vegetable plate?
It all has meat (What?)
What about the green salad and the cookies you bake?
Everything has meat (Oh...)
It's nice and tender
Mixed in a blender
Don't you want some meat? (Yeah)
So hot and steamy
Yet smooth and creamy
Come and get your meat (Hey)

Now when your body's hungerin, drive on down and stumble in
Come on, give us half a chance, I promise that you'll come again
If you're not carniverous consider us a challenge
You're too lean and need some proteine, we got it by the gallons
Rest assured our healthy indiscriminating guests prefer
The sweet and meaty morsels we concoct behind my register
Giving good service plus a smile in a paper hat
Our competition's food is crap, who would wanna pay for that?
Please try a beef pie

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