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Artist: Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule Author
Song Title: Lonely Boy
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I?m left in misery, a girls love gone across the sea
I?m all alone, aint got no home
Mandy was her name, sleeping was her game
She didn?t care about me, oh god can?t you see

I?m a lonely boy - I?m a lonely boy
I?m a lonely boy - I?m a lonely boy

I need her tender touch. Oh i need it so much
I can?t forget, oh i?m so upset
I wonder were she?s gone, I wonder where she went wrong
I wanna get her back to me. But i think she?s tired of me

Every time I think of her
it brings back memories
I remember how it used to be
Oh baby can?t you see
Oh baby come on, come back to me

Oh my darling, can?t you see
The you?r the one that means so much to me
I know I need you?r tender touch
What a crutch, I can?t wait to f**k it

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