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Artist: Ultimate Fakebook
Song Title: Girl Heres Another Lie
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girl, youve been my universe
but without stop and reverse
feels so far
i swear theres nothing worse
it seemed
now im swallowing my tongue
dont know how to tell you
im leaving in 2 months

girl, if u dont know
but be happy
tiny girl
little girl dont say no

girl, heres another lie
had to see u cry
just once tonite
or two
its all your eyes

now girl
feel the same way too
life is nothing we can do
so smother all honesty
cuz girl
u dont want to hear the truth

hey, december's on its way
have the scared look on my face
hang some christmas lights
and act like im ok

and now as the snow starts falling down
it covers the town
if i go this town
i cant come back around

little girl i promised once
a day thats never gonna come
please my girl

girl heres another lie
had to see you cry
just once tonite
or two
its all in your eyes

now girl
feel the same way too
life is nothing we can do
so smother all honestly
cuz girl
u dont wanna hear the truth

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