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Artist: Ultramagnetic MCs
Ultramagnetic MCs Author
Album: Funk Your Head Up (1992)
Ultramagnetic MCs - Funk Your Head Up Album
Song Title: Dolly and the Rat Trap
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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[Kool Keith]

Yo I met this fine motherfuckin bitch last night man
Pussy taste like strawberries man
I was up in the crib chillin...
...and spendin much cash

[Ced Gee]

Yo I hear you man
Them big shot bitches be perpetrating
and you still be taking a loss
Look at Donald Trump!

[Kool Keith]

I know a bitch named Dolly, she live uptown
She got a fly new Benz, kid of asian brown
Every night she would front and try to flex on the X
For no reason, with that diamond and stud shit
With two other girls, on that glamour and big shit
Walkin around, at Apollo and Bentley
Sportin the weave, like the Queen of the Centuries
Lookin for Buster, Holyfield and Tyson
Jordan and Sugar Ray, a cake with icing
Dolly walked in, with a tiger-striped mink coat
Her friend had on some shit, I think it was billy goat
Tryin to play all and many boogie down brothers out
Regular b-boys, the crew, and others out
Steppin to bar, the first order was champagne
Dolly had a fat ass, with Tina and Charmagne
Lookin for tank four, on E with no gain
The Benz was outside, parked with no gas
Bitches inside, frontin hard in first class
Tryin to play the X, like fucked up TV
Lookin for green to get to Washington D.C.
You give him his car back, money and coat back
Shoes and hat back, the credit you're known for
Hoein out of state with the big drug dealers
From East to West and only cash money stealers
Charlie got much shit, them bitches are eatin well
You say to yourself, I'm Al Capone, so what the hell
Damn... I jerked three hundred G's
I coulda put out a group with ten or twenty MC's
And made megabucks, but you never did realize
Dolly was shifty with her lips a

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