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Artist: Ultramagnetic Mcs
Ultramagnetic Mcs Author
Album: The Four Horsemen (1993)
Ultramagnetic Mcs - The Four Horsemen Album
Song Title: Two Brothers With Checks (san Francisco, Harvey)
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Yeah this is a story about two brothers with big big checks
And pretty white cadillacs; and they was fly from the south
So check it out..

[ced gee]
My wicky wicky style is unbearable for this world and the planet boy
I swing at the store, buy a lunch, play lacroix
Supercat chasin rats, with chemicals at the bottom
I'm givin gold with enzymes, connections i got em
One thing, two things, like ? blow casey
Recto and smekto, go get my boy luce (let's go!)
Let's see babe grim and his exoskeleton
He's pitchin a fastball, you swing and you miss
But seven times away clown, you're smellin the piss
Drippin offa your forehead, rollin down to new mexico
You're caught in a bid troop, you thought you was flexible
X-able, montreal expos
Hypodermic you turn it, you pick it up and you learn it
Now you're chillin with zinc as it kicks with the sodium
Pele came down just to sign some autographs
He laughed and he left, went to el segundo
For cheese and some bacon my philadelphia steak 'em
I got a hole in my pants, i said, "asalaam alaikum"
Got a new jacket was breakin out to the trainin camp
I danced and danced and danced and danced
And danced and danced and danced.. then i sat on the toilet!
Wrote a rhyme and then ordered, now i'm spinnin and winnin
Got the girlies up on it, cause i'm kickin and stickin
Finger-poppin and lickin, can you do me a favor
Can you go get the chicken - as you see we're a legion
When we roll we're just easin, up to egypt and pakistan
There's never no treason, cause we're -- "treated with respect"

Chorus: ultramagnetic mc's

Two brothers with checks, yo that caddy is fly
San francisco, harvey

Two Brothers With Checks (san Francisco, Harvey) Lyrics at Lyricstrue

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