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Artist: Ultramagnetic MCs
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Song Title: When I Burn
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[Ced Gee]
Aiyyo Kool Keith
Man I hooked this beat up just for you in the Ultra lab man
So yo I want you to dog it, man youknahmsayin?

[Kool Keith]

[Ced Gee]
Aight man, so ease back, y'know kick the lyrics man

[Kool Keith]
Word up

[Ced Gee]
Go for yours, aight do it man, right now

[Kool Keith]
Yo I'm on, with the freaky style
When you wait debate and rate my
rhythm expansion, dimension lyric extension
Rise above, amazing days
Crashin your brain, changin ways, sore for days
Figurin out
Many channels, triggerin out forth
I'm sendin, brains are bendin
Like metal, crust to rust corrode
and low stacks, pick up the was while you ask
how you do it, show me through it
I never knew it, could be done, no way my son
Cause I'm the one, smackin em up, stackin em up
Boxin you ducks
Packin em up, cause I burn

[Ced Gee]
Aiyyo Keith man, that was kinda of dope man
But you know what man?
I want you to increase your metaphor, you know uh
make it better for, somethin like that man, aight?

[Kool Keith]
Yeah I know what you mean, like this right?

[Ced Gee]
Yeah man

[Kool Keith]
Aight watch..
Droppin the word to make you think
you're buggin and illin out on, vocab
Connect the ?, then switch it
Changin range easily, steadily
Slow it down, ride the beat, throw em down
and sweepin em down
MC's, all dirt on the floor
Stand back in fact you're wack to prove to me
that you're ready to be and willin to see, rhymes flow
Match and go, deep in your brain so
step back, and wait before you try
to twist in, another line
Designed to catc

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