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Artist: Uncle Kracker
Uncle Kracker Author
Album: 72 and Sunny (2004)
Uncle Kracker - 72 and Sunny Album
Song Title: Please Come Home
Genre: Rock
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It must have been about a 100 years
At least a hundred years
I wish you would just come back
Just come back home

The day we met feels like 100 years ago
And I?m still waiting with my hand right by the telephone
Yeah maybe where you are you cannot make that call
Or you can?t find the pen I know it?s not your fault

My friends think I?m insane
?Cause I've turned old and gray
And I?m still waiting and I cannot be alone
Please come home (please come home)

I watch the clock hands tick my hours turn to days
And I can?t fall asleep ?cause I don't want to miss that ring
I know that this year your car will park outside
But I can't put my arms around the girl who took my life


It?s been so long
It?s been about 100 years
And a million dreams since the last time
I?ve seen your pretty face I would do whatever it takes
I would wait another 100 years
And if that didn?t work
Maybe I?ll try and see what forever feels like
But until then and I know you hear me
And whatever your doing wherever you are please come home

That day we met feels like 100 years ago
And I?m still waiting for you
Baby baby won?t you please come home
Please come home
Won?t you please come home
Please come home
Won?t you please come home (Please come home)

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