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Artist: Underoath
Underoath Author
Album: Theyre Only Chasing Safety (2004)
Underoath - Theyre Only Chasing Safety Album
Song Title: Young And Aspiring
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so lets not even try, you're right.
lets ball it up and throw it out the window
its becoming all so clear in my mind
I've thought this thing through more than once or twice.
I feel that this Is my last request to you.

hold your breath
bottle it up and save it for the next one
its safe to say we've been writtin' this all night

None of this will ever change your mind.
It's never safe to Rely on borrowed time.
Now we're both undone, and it's time to open up your eyes.

Consequence, it's our need in times like these.
Feeling free...it's our modern disease. Your a classic disaster, with a
Knack for losing your
Exterior. (I'm so sick)...from staring at the mirror.

This all needs a break from you, and I'm used to this.

I fear that I am just an end.
So you play the mistaken...and I'll play the victim in our screenplay of
Desire...I'm still writing the letters
I'll never send.

running in circles I can't forget how many times I've played this in my mind
feelin' free, feelin' free

Consequence, it's our need in times like these.
Feeling free...it's our modern disease. Your a classic disaster, with a
Knack for losing your exterior. (I'm so sick)...from staring at the mirror.

This is my panic... This is my call to arms.

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