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Artist: Underworld
Underworld Author
Album: Pearl's Girl (1997)
Underworld - Pearl
Song Title: puppies
Genre: Electronic
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that's you by my abyss it's beautiful today whatcha gonna do i'm happy
i'm really happy i brought her these sorted rolls great it's blue ok
scream it's a girl they sit the salty waterskin 1439 liverpool streets

i feel some release smiling behind her smiling in air conditioning house
do you want this weather no they say i'm twentythree degrees a new meat
i wish it would rain soon

wilting yes in funky cummerbund yes sporting a new peacoat yes my machine
straight out of new velveteen riding soul-faced into liverpool streets

try her on the wall chewing on the wall d'you know that has-been d'you
know why throat dust starving at the back wall slow motion sham big tv
high shared list 257LD4 may we remind you this is a no-smoking area two
rubber shoes and leave me tonight at the side of the road rack dust dogdust
rubber glove part rat so much brown and grey the phone slips out of the tuning
on the rails your face with numbers in the yellow between the cracks
fortythree sixtyeight i'll be crossed metal bars waiting to slip into the
shade something cool this geezer keeps staring at me

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