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Album: The Second Ring Of Power (1994)
Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power Album
Artist: Unholy
Song Title: Covetous Glance
Genre: Metal
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Oh, beauteous one Goddess of all men

She has a violent craving for me

I'm the minister of enraged copulation

Supporter of violent passion

I grew out of childlike anima to find

True personal love

Is it me who has Covetous Glance ?

Think Clearly with no forbidden thoughts

Everything is acceptable

Your animus is personification

of Dream Warrior

With four Left Hand Path symbols

"Come o lonely warrior or drown"

...Her divine body clothed with pleasure


I watch Her charm with delight

Together we raise the veil of shadow

Two subjects, one will connect to Cosmos

I am the woman and you are the man

Covetous Glance

Opium Odor

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