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Artist: Unicorn
Song Title: When The World Came Watchingh
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I can still remember how it used to be when we were younger and life just

went so easily.

Never cared of anything or what the future could bring.

Locked up in the oak we learned to sing.

And soon I'll see you run away into the world they say is where we all


I hope you listen to this song, we gonna play it on and on.

When the world came watching, the stork just want away.

There were oh so many things I wanted him to say.

And when the world came watching the stork just went away.

And I am just waiting for that day.

When the world came watching [repeat 4 times]

Moving to a place so far beyond the sun.

We will maybe follow if we can.

Now we've realized you were the the only one.

I guess I'll always remember how you ran.

The soul is running, the shell is standing here.

We will always loose things we hold dear.

Maybe we can stay but will you come back?

And help us to put our visions down the track.

When the world came watching, the stork...

If I had a million.

I would throw it in a wishing well.

You are the world of worlds why don't you stay with us and play.

And play.

Please sing with us our world.

My life is falling down.

My home has gone away.

The oak in tears will drown, what more is there to say?

Alone I'm standing tall. My back is straight but why?

I am waiting for you to fall but inside I wanna cry, cry for you.

Crying for you.

Crying for you.

I'm crying for, I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying for you.

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