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Artist: Unjust
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Song Title: Room 5
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The way you fooled the moon
The virus you exhumed
Open wide...

Even when you're all alone, Im your sun
Even when you're not here with me, Waht have I become
Even if you feel the same, when I'm around
Even if the truth is spoken, What have i become.

My hand begins the tune
The pain begins to bloom
Open wide...

Even when you're all alone I'm your sun
Even when you're not here with me, What have I become
Even now there, and even then you're scared
Now the times right, so realize its your time.

First time I seen you..
I couldnt face the moment,, face the moment

It's the way you fooled the sun
That feeling you've become
The taste of broken sores
Open wide...

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