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Artist: Unleashed
Unleashed Author
Album: Shadows In The Deep (1992)
Unleashed - Shadows In The Deep Album
Song Title: Crush The Skull
Genre: Metal
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Music - Johnny; Lyrics - Johnny)

Preachers of the ancient lies
Hypocrisy the golden rule
I'm laughing with sardonic wrath
At each of your ten commands

Crush the skull - sacrifice
Crush the skull - die Christ

Cursed are the poor in spirit
For they shall be spat upon
Cursed are the weak in mind
For they shall inherit the yoke

Crush the skull - sacrifice
Crush the skull - die Christ

I gaze into his glassy eyes
And pluck him by the beard
I uplift a broadaxe
And split open his worm eaten skull

Crush the skull - sacrifice
Crush the skull - die Christ

Blessed are the strong in mind
For they shall possess the earth
Blessed are the evil ways
(the sins of life)
For they shall enlight the blind

Crush the skull - sacrifice
Crush the skull - die Christ

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