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Artist: Until The End
Song Title: The Bond To Breathe
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I've never needed your understanding
All I long for is to come alive
Because the rest of my
World is longing to die
I forget what it takes to
stay content with life

Give me light
Something to guide you,
Your world's gone dark
Shut my eyes, i can't bare to watch
Your killing yourself
You held tight
To a belief that set you free
And clean
You lost sight
Of why you needed that
Bond to breathe

You will always be the fallen angel
The one that couldn't keep up
With the rest
Your face will be burned in my mind
As the one that slipped through the cracks

The one that now burns
In his own hate, fear, pain
In your own hate
You will be led to death

You needed this bond to breathe
You needed this bond to live

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