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Artist: Ure Midge
Ure Midge Author
Album: Answers To Nothing (1988)
Ure Midge - Answers To Nothing Album
Song Title: The Leaving So Long
Genre: Rock
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I'll walk away from my town
See which way the wind blows my future - Oh
Find what's before me
There must be something better
Must be something more than I've had so far
Something new, something good, something worth being put here for

So long, So long, So long

Move into the city
Find myself a job with a purpose - Oh
I'll work for a reason
And hope that reject turns to warm self-respect
And I'll start to live
Live the life that I thought would be mine
From the day I was born

So long, So long, So long

Find myself a partner
Turn my partner into a family - Oh
We'll grow old together
Then I'll know that it can be
All that it should be and then
And only then I'll know that I've had
What by rights is mine

So long, So long, So long

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