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Artist: Urge
Song Title: Brainless
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My mind it draws a blank
Try to collect my thoughts
An open hole of nothingness and loss
I've got no memory
There is a scar on my head
How did it get there?

I can't think
No concentration
About a thing
Can't find that missing link
Sick of this confusion
I can't think, yeah!

Don't ask me questions
I've got no answers to
Last thing remembered is
I don't even know you
It's time to run and hide
My thoughtless brain confide
Please help me make it right

I can't think
No concentration
About a thing
Can't find that missing lick
Sick of this confusion
I can't think, yeah!

Another confrontation
Of useless information
An open book
With the pages torn from the bind
A plane of loneliness
Inside my thoughtless mind

I can't think
No concentration
About a thing
Can't find that missing link
Sick of this confusion
I can't think

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