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Artist: Urge
Song Title: Straight To Hell
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Sweepin' through another year
Yeah we're pickin' up speed
Never gonna give it up, definitely
Take it to another level
Grab the shovel, and scoop the rest out of my way
Giddy like a school boy, got the tools boy
Never play the unemployed
Comin' with velocity, with the needles in the red
Think I lost my sanity

Straight to Hell, that's where I sent 'em
Straight to Hell

Here I come again, bring another jam
With the mic in my hand, yeah you know we slam
Movin' forward with momentum
Straight to Hell that's where we sent 'em
Sometimes freaky, sometimes we get nice
If it feels good sometimes we do it twice
Or three times or four times or five or six
Rewind the tape, get me back in the mix
We'd like to thank our friends for one hell of a time
We hope it never ends
Crack a little smile when it's time to get high so
Come on!

Straight to Hell, that's where I sent 'em
Straight to Hell

Allow me to illustrate
And paint the perfect picture of the perfect perpetrator
Make me look down on the up-stroke
Cause I got no love for the evil immitator
I live to hear the people yellin' and screamin'
And clappin' and toe-tappin', ain't gonna be no gum-flappin
To what? to shun
To what? to shun
To what?? Yeah, to just turn away

Straight to Hell, that's where I sent 'em
Straight to Hell

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