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Artist: US The Band
Song Title: Walla Walla Girl
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Totally ordinary, as I can see.
Nothin else to be butoh yeah, me!
The Ki Group, Bleediotie, and mice galore,
So many people to look up to with love and squalor.

Just Im that girl in the hallways, shouting soundlessly,
Sayin, No lives to live, no one to be!
Anger abounds, but then I hear a sound.
A whisper in my ear saying, Dont you fear.

That walla walla girl , you dont really know her.
That la-di-da-di girl, never gonna show ya
That Im a human being, whom youre really not seeing.
I guess I gotta give ya the key-ing
To my heart, to my soul, to my blue cereal bowl.
To that walla walla girl that you never say yo to.

Come home from school, lock the door behind,
Weep for the one I dont know,
Jeans and a shirt, no gown covered in dirt.
Worn with a hospital bow.


And who knows the real me in this walla walla girl,
Just sitting here in a walla walla world.
Dont know nothin,
Dont know fun,
Dont know if my life has begun.

Just sitting here in a walla walla world,
Being the walla walla girl.

CHORUS, which fades to

Dont you know this walla walla girl,
Sitting here in this walla walla world,
Gotta give the key-ing, to the onw youre really seeing,
With a blue cereal bowl, as you know.


Just sitting here in a walla walla world,
Being the walla walla girl.

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