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Artist: Used Cars
Song Title: Far Lights
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(N. Bottini)

When I was six years old, I used to reach that road
And when the sun went down, I could see those far lights glowin'
I stood there for a while, then I went back to my house
Thinkin' about the far lights

The people in this town, walk starin' at the ground
I had nothin' to say, so I went to watch those lights
And then a friend of mine, he told me "it's just another town"
I said "I don't believe you !"
But I've never been so brave to check if he was right

So I'm wanderin' around
Watchin' trucks passin' by
Never gonna hitch a ride
To the far lights

A sad blue neon light, is shinin' in this bar
And when she came inside, she spoke with sparklin' eyes
She asked about those lights, they told her "it's a town"
She cried "I don't believe you !"
So I took her hand and then we ran outside

In a breathless run
We went straight to the roadside
We were tryin' to hitch a ride
To the far lights

At the city limits sign, I felt she had a start
Her hand slipped off from mine, and she whispered "goodbye"
And when I turned around, she was no more in sight
I thought "I must believe it !"
Took a deep breath then I kept on with my ride

In a breathless run
I kept runnin' straight on
Still hitchin' a ride
To the far lights

I ran lookin' ahead
All along the roadside
I was tryin' to hitch a ride
To the far lights

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