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Artist: Usher
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Song Title: Confessions Part 1
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everything that i've been doing

it is all bad

i got a chick on the side

with a crib and a ride

i've been telling you so many lies

ain't no good

it's all bad

and i just wanna confess

whats been goin on so long

girl i been doin you so wrong

and i want you to know that

Everytime i was in L.A. i was with my ex-girlfriend

Evertime you called i told you,

"Baby, I'm workin" (no!)

i was out doin my dirt (oh!)

wasn't thinkin bout you gettin hurt

(i) was hand in hand in the beverely center like man

not givin a damn who sees me

so gone

so wrong

Actin like i didn't

have you sittin at home

thinkin about me

bein a good girl that you are

i bet you probaly believe you got a good man

a man that would never do the things im about to tell you ive done

Brace yourself

it ain't good

but it would be the worst if u heard this

from somebody else


if i could turn back the hands of time

and start all over i would

instead of everything being all bad

baby, everything would be all good

I don't wanna lose you

but i know what i'm tellin you

ain't gonna make you wanna stay

probaly just wanna runaway

i'm mad enough to punch me in my face

i've been livin like an idiot

and i deserve every bit of it

i is the day

that i ain't gonna lie, 'n' the plan, 'n' the board

girl, i'm sorry

baby, i'm orry

but i can no longer walk around

with this stress on my chest

i confess


break it down

ooh ohh -(in background)

yeah baby

ooh baby

don't leave me baby

ooh ooh -(in background)

(everything that i)


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