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Artist: Usher David
Song Title: Too Close To The Sun
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High above your atmosphere
Do they all still cheer for who they think we are
And once more past the sun again
Feelings sinkings in I think we've gone to far

And why did you fly did you burn
Can't you learn from my mistakes
I have made them so i know

Bored just one more cup of tea
All the stars and me they'll teach me how to shine
Cause life it's so much colder here
I'll absorb your fears and bury them inside

And why did you fly did you burn
Can't you learn from my mistakes
I have made them so i know
Your too close to the sun (x5)

Things we found so lovely
Turn so ugly
I've grown nakeder day by day
It's quite disarming I find it alarming
When everybody listening

Why did you fly did you burn
Can't you learn from what we've learned
I can't see you anymore
Your too close to the sun (x5

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